You’re on the playground, young, innocent, full of life and sugar-fueled energy. You trip over your shoelaces, new to the whole “one foot in front of the other” walking thing. You go down, and you go down hard. You’ve ripped your favorite bumblebee tights and scraped up your knee. This sticky, icky, red stuff starts to trickle down your leg. 

What comes next?

 Well unless you are superhuman at the wee age of 3, I am going to assume there is some screaming involved. A mean older kid starts to laugh. Calls you a baby. To him, it’s just a scraped knee; he’s had plenty. But to full-of-life, stylish bumblebee tights wearer, this whole experience is BRAND NEW. You never scraped your knee before and you definitely haven’t seen this red stuff before. You’re probably feeling a whole bunch of things. Pain, fear of the unknown, not to mention embarrassment from your BUM-over-head fall to the ground (that was a pretty terrible pun). 

Point is, mean old Bully Billy (I don’t know if that’s his name, he just seems like a Billy) has no right to call you a baby. His life experiences are much different from yours. Just because he had to get stitches one time after falling off his bike, does not diminish that fact that your scraped knee is in pain (plus you’ve ruined your tights!).   

My point, Just because someone is further along in their disease, has had more surgeries, has been sick longer, etc., does not diminish what you are feeling and what you are going through. Your pain is important too. Your Comfort and your health are important too. 

Comparing does nothing but stress everyone out. Don’t get stuck comparing yourself to others in life, and definitely not with your disease. No two people are alike and no two people can fully comprehend each other’s situation. 

What you are going through is important. What you are experiencing is important. Your feelings are valid. You matter. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. 

And if you’re feeling lonely, or just want to be around people who get it, come to The Lemon Blog. Let us be here for you. Message me anytime and we can vent and work on changing the world together <3