Love your Lemons

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Why I Love Lemons

Yes, we get it, I Love My Lemons, but here I mean actual, physical, lemons and their amazing healing benefits.

Before I got sick (or became aware of illness?), and before I knew about the AMAZING healing properties of lemons, I always ordered my vodka martinis, or rye manhattans (mood pending), with a twist!  

Who doesn’t love a little zest in their life?

Obviously now, sans the alcohol, I have found many other ways to bring the zesty lemon goodness into my life. Added bonus, they’re good for you!

So here we go. Just a few reasons why I love these little yellow suckers…

Awesome Lemon Benefit numero uno…

Lemon Healing Property 1: PROMOTES HYDRATION

“Water is the essence of wetness” – Zoolander

“Be like water” – Bruce Lee

Basically, kids, hydration is key. ESPECIALLY when you’re sick. First healing property. Adding a little lemon flavor to your water can help you drink more of it, which is definitely something I have trouble doing.  

Just remember, too much of anything is never good, so drink in moderation. If you have a problem with ulcers or GERD, I would avoid the citric acid, as it may aggravate your symptoms. 

Lemon Slice


Lemon Healing Property 2: AIDS WITH DIGESTION

Unlike Kesha, I do not wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. My mornings aren’t quite as fun. Although it may have been different back in college, I now skip the bottle of Jack and slam down (more like sip slowly) a steaming hot mug of lemon water. The healing properties of Lemons have an alkalizing effect when digested and can help neutralize the acid in your stomach and aid in relieving bloating. Just remember to check with your doctor!

Lemon Healing Property 3: CONTAIN SAPONINS

Saponins are these little chemical compounds that get all foamy when mixed with water, which then promotes a lot of cool health benefits.

They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and also help boost the immune system by stimulating the production of T-cells (T-cells are basically John Snow and the Night Watch, fighting off the White Walkers). They can help with stress, reduce cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure, which are all things needed to keep the heart, healthy. Again, talk to your doc first and ask about the healing properties of lemons. 

Lemon over water

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Lemon Healing Property 4: CONTAIN VITAMIN C

Vitamin C can help keep your skin even-toned, helps your pores to close, and your skin to tighten. When added to your skincare regimen, Lemons can help fight acne and make your skin SUPA SMOOTH.

The healing properties of lemons can be very beneficial when used correctly. Heads up, when using on your skin, be sure to follow up with an SPF moisturizer, as lemons can make your skin more sensitive to light.

Vitamin C also boosts the production of collagen. Collagen, while good for your skin, can also improve the rate in which your hair grows. The acidity in lemons tightens the hair follicles and strengthens the hair. Make sure to use a carrier oil, and keep in mind that if left on too long, the lemon can lighten your hair and is even more sensitive to sunlight.

*Collagen also helps support bones and joints. Try adding some COLLAGEN POWDER to you moring lemon water.


Hiccups? No problem. Lemon wedge, sugar, and some Angostura Bitters should do the trick. Sprinkle sugar on the wedge, add a few dashes of bitters, suck on the lemon…Voila! In view a humble vaudevillian, veteran… No, I’m totally kidding. Bad film humor…

Apologies for my Alan Moore bit, BASICALLY, your hiccups should be gone and your breath will probably smell a lot better too.  

You’re Welcome.

These are listed much how my all-over-the-place brain works;

in no particular order

Remember, DOCTOR FIRST! 
Thanks for reading and please enjoy!